Hurrah!! I have received a reply from the Publisher, Invention, regarding the safety pin and he says that he is decidedly of the opinion that the same is a valuable invention. He encloses a printed form for me to fill up to obtain provisional protection and send remittance 3 pounds 8 shillings. I shall do so at once.

Surely own luck must be turning. We have only bad luck since we married 7 years ago or more. Today, two great starts have been made by Bert and I. I start to obtain provisional protection for my Rubber safety pin whilst Bert has her first lesson in Scientific dress cutting.

TUESDAY 1st MAY 1888

Morning - Office

Afternoon - Gardening

Evening - Walton Villa writing letters etc. Dr Webb gives (unreadable word) hopes of dad's recovery. The poor old chap is worse today.

MONDAY 30th APRIL 1888

Morning - Office inventing a wire letter file.

Afternoon - Out on Beer Business and preparing cash sheet etc.

SUNDAY 29th APRIL 1888

Walton Villa in evening. Dad is ....


Office - Writing out description of my rubber safety pin for patent office, 54 Fleet Street, London.

Garden spent:
Kent 2 days - 5 shillings
Seeds from Hanley - 2 shillings and 6 pence
... seed potatoes off Grosvenor - 9 pence
yards wire netting from Ralph (John's brother, no charge)

FRIDAY 27th APRIL 1888

Office - Sundry Business. Posting off Sale Bills Alton to the various stickers etc.

Had Will Kent at work in garden. He planted all seeds today, also some seed potatoes.

Mrs Bostock, Inventor, Staffordshire System Dress Cutting, called to see Bert this morning.


To Tean on Brewery Business. Called at Totmonslow to see Railway on return.

This morning I posted letter to "Invention" office regarding my improvement in safety pins, see copy (unfortunately missing).

Bert went to Mrs Bostock's lecture on dress cutting in the Wesleyan School Room tonight. Bert says she will learn the system and go to New Zealand and teach it and perhaps establish a school.

The school of Scientific Dress Cutting
on the newest Staffordshire System.
A perfect fit guaranteed from measurements
only, no fitting required.
The complete system taught
with chart etc gratis.
Terms for the complete course of
Lessons - 2 guineas.

The New Scientific Dress Cutting Academy on the
"Staffordshire Knot System" (Patent).
The latest and most perfect
system invented.
Those who do not wish to learn dress
cutting may have their patterns cut,
perfect fit guaranteed at
.... (the rest is missing)


To the Potteries with Bert. Had dinner at Jim Goodwin's. I put Byatt in Kent's hands for Brewery account. Then went up to Hanley and bot some things. To Longton again and had tea at Goodwin's. Then we railed to Blythe Bridge at 9pm amd walked to Cheadle. Bert quite knocked up.


Office - .... plan of offices to Cumberland House to be submitted to ... guardians for William.

Inventing the rubber safety pin, it only struck me this morning but it seems a good thing.

MONDAY 23rd APRIL 1888

Office preparing Fielding's Sale papers etc.


Morning - 9 to 10 with William at Major's Barn Colliery laying out new Kilns for Plant and Miller.

At 10 walked to Alton Station. Met Fielding and Forrestor there at 11.30 and took inventory for sale of quarry plant etc.

Then by quarries at Alton, visited Hodsons, Keelings and Fords quarries.

Then to Tithe Barn to see Joseph Byatt, wheelwright next Keelings regarding property sale and left card. He promised me sale if not sold privately.

Then to Alton Station to Froghall by 3:30 train and met mother at Kingsley and collecting rents.

Fielding tells me that the clay at Alton is suitable for encaustic quarries or any other purpose.

FRIDAY 20th APRIL 1888

Morning - Office odd jobs.

Afternoon - At Plant and Millers Brickyard, Major's Barn, measuring buildings and making a ground plan of them for William. 7 Hours.


Drawing plan of land at Hollington regarding disputed garden boundary, Oakes and forwarding same to Mrs Woodroffe, Hollington and letter writing etc.


Odd jobs in office, fitting a drawer in desk etc.

Paying sundry accounts thro the post, letter writing etc.


Home morning - Clearing our top room office for the spring season.

Afternoon - To Blagg's Office seeing map regarding Woodroffe's land Hollington then to Board Guardians room seeing the ordinance maps.

Could not get any information regarding the boundaries of land in dispute.

MONDAY 16th APRIL 1888

Morning - Walton Villa making up Bells Cash Sheet.

Afternoon - With William to look over the repairs he has just completed at Rakeway Farm for Thacker - then to Beggars Well for sample stone and to the Green Man Inn but no trade, then home again for tea.

Evening - Rindle for Rents.


At 10am, started from home and walked to Hollington, measuring land regarding disputed boundary at Mrs Woodroffe(?), shopkeeper, Hollington. I had lunch here and then went to Bellfields quarries and got samples stone. White best 1 shilling and 3 pence; salmon color 1 shilling per cube foot. Young Bellfield promised to send me better samples, then went to Mellor's quarry (he is not doing much, his crane is out repair and the top dirt has fallen in and in filled his quarry). His white stone seems considerably cheaper than Bellfields. Mellor then took me to see a red stone quarry at foot of hill towards Croxden. 8 pence per foot, this quarry belongs to Hodgkinson and the little new church at Croxden has been built with this stone. I went to see the church with Mellor and then had a look at the old Abbey.

The red stone at Beggar's Well would be much nearer to Cheadle and it is a good stone too as the Catholic Church at Cheadle was built from it.

I then went and had tea at Brindley's public house and then to William Mellor's. He paid me the 14 shillings he owed me for valuing timber. He told me that he sold it for the same sum exactly as I had put on it viz: 7 pounds 15 shillings.

Then I started for Hollington 8pm and walked home to Cheadle, which I reached about 9 o'clock, very tired.

FRIDAY 13th APRIL 1888

Morning - In Birches looking at Barlow (for Forsyths) laying out new Street in Birches.

Afternoon and evening - Inking in plan of offices for Cumberland House. 4 hours.

Mr Turner, Broad Gate, called and had cup tea and offered 25 pounds for Stonier's stack hay. So I after went to see Churches, Royal Oak, and he would only give 25 pounds. So I wrote Stonier.


Morning - To Tean on Beer Business and to Totmonslow to see men cutting railway in big field next Farm - Saw Rob' Plant there and he asked me had I finished his office plan.

Afternoon - Home and engrossing valuation of stalls for Isaac Wright.

Evening - Drafting specification for new offices at Cumberland House till 9pm. I took them up to William to submit to Robert Plant.

Heard when in Tean that Mrs Bartlam died last Friday and was now buried, sudden!

1) In 1881, Robert Plant wrote a history of Cheadle, which is available in Cheadle Public Library.


All day at Plans and drafting specification for additions and new offices to Cumberland House.

Evening - Drafting Valuation of Stalls etc in Market Place, Cheadle for Arthur Wright. These things belong to Walters and he wishes Wright to pay compensation for deterioration during time of his tenancy of Market tolls(?). Wright is having the things valued in order to combat Walters' claim.


All day and evening preparing plans for new offices etc for Cumberland House. 9 Hours.


Morning - At Walton Villa reading Building news etc.

Afternoon - Engrossing Specification Fire Engine House and handed same and plan to William.

Evening - Drafting plan of extra offices to be built at back of Cumberland House - Plant and Co. Rindle for Rents 10/6.

1) Cumberland House is at the end of Cheadle High Street. The house was built in 1745 and in the same year, the Duke of Cumberland hid there from Bonnie Prince Charlie.


Morning - To Cheadle Mill and Rakeway Farm (Knott's Place) to see repairs just done by William. Home through the Cheadle Park (Plant's Place).

Afternoon - Writing draft specification for the Engine House opposite Tanner Smith. 3 Hours.


Morning - To Tean to make a small valuation for probate, late Ann Gosling. Home via Totmonslow - they are just started on the Railway in the field.

Afternoon - In Market and writing above valuation.

Evening - To lecture Davenport MP Conservative, Wesleyan Schoolroom - C.J. Blagg chairman.

When at Tean saw Mrs Bartlam - this proved to be the last time I shall ever see her on earth - see note next Friday.


Morning - Saw Mr Allen regarding Chadwick's rent of field and he promises to pay some tomorrow. Regarding measuring William's ground for plan ? opposite.

Afternoon and evening - Working on plan for Engine House and Specification. 6 hours.

Harrison's bone digester blew up at 4:30 today - quite a wreck. I should say 100 pounds damage. Fred H. badly scalded.

4pm - In market place with Arthur Wright making an inventory of stalls and other effects for valuation.


In Cheadle on Beer Business and collecting rents for dad.

With William (brother) measuring his ground opposite Tanner Smiths and making plan for new Fire Engine House. 3 hours.

Paid accounts today:
Machin 3/14/0
Payne 1/8/0 (horse and trap)
Total: 5 pounds 2 shillings

Regarding Bell & Co, their letter to hand saying that we are to deduct 2 shillings and 6 pence per month for stamps. As to Commission, they cannot allow more than what they are already doing.

1) According to my Edwardian and Great War Cheadle book, the Cheadle Fire Brigade was established in 1878. The fire engine consisted of a horse and cart with a manually-operated hose. It was situated next to the Alton Castle pub on Tape Street.


All day - In workshop. Put new wood bottom to folding chair. Made flower box for kitchen window. Enlarged holes in Bert's strainer bot at sale. Put low towel hooks back kitchen door for children.

Quite an unusual day's manual labor for me.

Evening - Brewery business. Out collecting cash. Called at Poultney's, Queen Street and played pipe and dart. I played well out of a possible 60, I made totals of 35, 40, 45, 45, 45, 45, 50, 50 in 3 darts. I soon found my rules ...... I only lost 6 pence all the evening. They all said they never saw such playing for a beginner and would hardly believe I had never had a tube in my hand before. But science won. The 35 was an unlucky shot - one of the darts (the rest is missing).

Forsyth, engineer, called regarding Sod cutts. Barrow now being put at Shuffs(?), widower, 5 years.


Morning - Office books.

Afternoon - Walton Villa, books keeping for dad. Brewery accounts etc.

Evening - Rindle for rents - 1 shilling and 6 pence

Dad began taking Herb medicine which he had from Harrison, Ragman. I met Harrison tonight and he said it would cure him, he will give me the recipe.

1) John's father died 2 months later.