All day - In workshop. Put new wood bottom to folding chair. Made flower box for kitchen window. Enlarged holes in Bert's strainer bot at sale. Put low towel hooks back kitchen door for children.

Quite an unusual day's manual labor for me.

Evening - Brewery business. Out collecting cash. Called at Poultney's, Queen Street and played pipe and dart. I played well out of a possible 60, I made totals of 35, 40, 45, 45, 45, 45, 50, 50 in 3 darts. I soon found my rules ...... I only lost 6 pence all the evening. They all said they never saw such playing for a beginner and would hardly believe I had never had a tube in my hand before. But science won. The 35 was an unlucky shot - one of the darts (the rest is missing).

Forsyth, engineer, called regarding Sod cutts. Barrow now being put at Shuffs(?), widower, 5 years.

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