John Alcock's obituary was printed in the Sentinel in 1926:

The death occurred recently, at the age of 74, of Mr. John Alcock, retired Architect and Surveyor, at his residence, Maycroft Woodhouse Street, Stoke-on-Trent. He was a son of the late William Alcock, estate agent and auctioneer, and brother of the late William Alcock, builder of Cheadle, Staffs. He leaves a widow and nine children. His loss is greatly felt by all his friends, by whom he was held in great respect and esteem.

As a youth, he went to New Zealand, and there he met his wife. While in New Zealand, three daughters were born to them, two of whom are now residents of New Zealand, and the third, Mrs. Howard Rigby, resides in Alsager; the remaining six children were born after their return to England. The eldest son is in Canada and two sons are in Australia.

In his younger days, he did a good deal of lecturing, frequently showing lantern slides, and giving details and information of the charms and possibilities of life in the Colonies. He was a great enthusiast in this direction and conducted Men's Bible Classes at various times.

Mr. Alcock was well-known for his walking activities and there are very few of the beauty spots of England with which he was not familiar. He made a special study of the architecture of cathderals and churches. His love of walking gave him a knowledge of the chief roads and bye-ways of England, and he was always ready and willing to give interesting and graphic accounts of his many travels, both home and abroad.

He was very clever at designing patents, and brought out several good ones. He was
instrumental in the aerodrome being brought to Ternhill, Market Drayton, during the
War, and contributed several valuable patents to the War Office.

He was of a retiring nature, and his principal hobby was composing poetry and prose. Under the nom-de-plume of Horton Yardley, he wrote some excellent articles. A few days before he died, he wrote the following: "May ye so continue in the days to come, for time is fleeting, and waits for no man, and now when my few remaining days are done, I shall lay down my pen and seek that repose and rest that God promises in days of old in those that love him and keep his Commandments".

Mr. and Mrs. Alcock had spent a very happy life together, and were looking forward to their golden wedding, having been married 46 years and not having had a death in the family during that period.

1) Horton Yardley is a combination of John's mother's birthplace (Horton) and his mother's maiden name (Yardley) 

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