To Tean on Brewery Business. Called at Totmonslow to see Railway on return.

This morning I posted letter to "Invention" office regarding my improvement in safety pins, see copy (unfortunately missing).

Bert went to Mrs Bostock's lecture on dress cutting in the Wesleyan School Room tonight. Bert says she will learn the system and go to New Zealand and teach it and perhaps establish a school.

The school of Scientific Dress Cutting
on the newest Staffordshire System.
A perfect fit guaranteed from measurements
only, no fitting required.
The complete system taught
with chart etc gratis.
Terms for the complete course of
Lessons - 2 guineas.

The New Scientific Dress Cutting Academy on the
"Staffordshire Knot System" (Patent).
The latest and most perfect
system invented.
Those who do not wish to learn dress
cutting may have their patterns cut,
perfect fit guaranteed at
.... (the rest is missing)

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