Selling by auction. Cattle etc belonging to George Charlesworth, Gorsty Cote near Alton.

Good attendance
Fair prices
Beautiful day
Got every penny in same day
Good dinner and tea
Paid Charlesworth 1/2 money over £41.5.6
2 Cheques in hand41.7.6
Total Sale£82.13.0

Rode from Sale with Payne - he is selling drink there to day - Mrs Hammond rode home with us, she lives in Queen Street below Poultneys. She travelled with drapery. She says Charlesworth is going away to avoid a bastard case by a woman whom he paid 150 pounds last year for another child - only fancy. She says Mrs George Charlesworth will be alright when he is away. She has about 30 cwt cheese, 2 pigs in Salt and 2 bags flour etc in store.

Ariel view of Gorsty Cote Farm, taken in the 1970's.
Thanks to Chris Green for the photo.

1) In the 1860's, an engineer would have earnt 110 pounds a year for a 60 hour week
2) George Charlesworth was born in 1853 in Alton. He married Fanny Heath and according to the 1881 census, they lived and worked at Gorsty Cote farm. (Thanks to Hazel Mills for the information)

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