To Alton Towers Flower Show with Bert in Frank Tipper's trap? Cost about 7 shillings for the day's outing and a most miserable afternoon - rain without ceasing. Nowhere to get out of the rain at the Towers so went and sat at the Shrewsbury Arms till coach started. Bert and I went up to see Jessie Shirley but found the old man very ill.

Townend Farmhouse, Alton where Jessie Shirley lived - Thanks to Hazel Mills for the photo

Milking time, Townend Farmhouse, Alton 1890 - Thanks to Hazel Mills for the photo

Shrewsbury Hotel (pre 1890) - Thanks to Hazel Mills for the photo

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  1. Jesse Shirley mentioned was born 1818 in Waterfall. He originally farmed at Winkhill Bank, Ipstones, but sometime after 1881 he and his wife (Mary Naylor from Wetton) and their family moved to Townhead farmhouse, Alton. Jesse died at Townhead Farmhouse shortly after this visit. I have a lovely contemporary photo of 'milking time' at the farm if you'd like it. Also have a photo of the Shrewsbury Arms at the turn of the century. They would taken the short walk up the path from the back of the pub, past the side of St Peter's Church to the farm at Towhead. :)