TUESDAY 22nd MAY 1888

Whit Tuesday Holiday.

Took Bert and children in Robert Plant's grounds, Tean Road, for a walk.

Robert Plant's mansion (Thanks to Mike Plant for this)
The mansion was demolished in 1978 and replaced by Mansion Close.
The grounds are now Tean Road Recreation Ground.
You can find out more by reading this fascinating article:


  1. There appears to have ben some intermarriage between the Plants and the Alcocks eg. Septimus P, Robert's brother, married Emily A.
    John Alcock was witness at Thomas P's wedding.

    Mike Plant and I are descended from Robert's brother James, although along different lines now. You can contact me via Mike Plant to whom I have sent a lot of info.

    Chris Plant

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think that the Emily Alcock you mentioned was from another branch of the Alcock family. There have been a lot of Alcocks in Cheadle and I can't find a connection between many of them and my branch of the Alcock family.