Morning - Walton Villa making up Foales(?) rent. Bull Head Cottages etc.

Afternoon - To Cull's office - says they have lost Rakeway specification so I shall have to write out a fresh one.

To Hanley after tea, walked to Blyth Bridge station and quite enjoyed the walk.

Evening - To Mechanics' Institute, Hanley to hear Mr Clough of London lecture on "Holland and her struggles for civil and religious liberty". Dissolving views - Curtain slide very effective. He is subsidised by Mr Robert Heath under whose auspices the lectures are held. Mr Clough used no pointer and so missed one point which would have made his lecture more interesting.

George Yates called on me after lecture and we walked to Hartshill together.

1) George Yates (born 1871) was William's nephew, son of John's sister Ursula who lived in Hartshill. John probably stayed the night at his sister's house.
2) Thomas Bishop Cull (1854-1921) was a solicitor in Cheadle who lived at The Croft and worked at 2 High Street (Source: Edwardian and Great War Cheadle book)

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  1. Robert Heath was a major employer in the North Staffordshire area, with ironworks at the time at Black Bull (Biddulph) and Ford Green (Norton) and a number of coal mines including Norton and Victoria. Robert Heath Street can be found today in Norton while a steam locomotive built by his company in 1886 resides at the Foxfield Railway at Blythe Bridge. Robert Heath served as an MP, and the business empire continued to grow after his death into the early 20th century.