Walked to Oakamoor, train to Rocester, looked at Infant's school for Lecture, saw Mr Hunt, vicar and then went to see Mr Campbell, Woodseat, did not come to any definite arrangement as they said it would not pay to have Diorama at Rocester.

Afternoon, train to Ashbourne, had tea with Rachel.
Ashbourne to Froghall to(?) Oakamoor and walked home very tired.

Saw Town Hall, Ashbourne, hire(?) £2 includes piano, gas and warming(?) and seats. No where to fix screen, did not notice locality of gas.

St. John's Hall about half (word unreadable) Town Hall 10/- no piano, seats and gas. No where to hang screen. Will have to get a moveable screen holder.

Town Hall would be best, usual charge here front seats 2/- Hall, Gallery 6d. If I got schools and gave matinee at 5 or 5:30 would pay.

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