Morning - Very wet windy day. Walked to Oakamoor and met Mr Lees and Mr Bassnett of Alton to make valuation of Wood farm. Mr S. Mottram valued against me.

This is my first unaided(?) valuation and I managed it fairly well. My valuation of fixtures came to about £8 and Mottram's to about £11. So we went through it and brought(?) it to £9.17.

The stack Hay Mr Mottram and I brought(?) to 10 tons. It is consumed on premises or £1 tonnage to be paid Landlord (Earl Shrewsbury) if sold off. So as hay is now at £5 ton I offered Mottram £4 and to my surprise he wanted £5 saying that the other day he got £6 ton at a sale. So I wrote Mr Lees to night asking if he would give any more than £40 for the stack.

Then 2 acres hillage he wants £1 per acre and says it is quite Customary but dad tells me 10/- per acre is the usual amount allowed.

1) Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury

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