With Frank Tipper and trap to Mrs Charlesworths, Gorsty Cote and valued 3 stacks hay to be ? to by S. Whitehurst. Regarding sale she to make an inventory herself and forward after on to Turnditch and saw Mrs Birch regarding her sale as administrat? of late Mrs Ann BIrch. See notes at end of her valuation in pocket book. Home for dinner.

Mr Summer called from Bells this afternoon and accused me of several things. He said Mrs Bridden, Queens Arms said she would do no trade with us because I was a mean devil and that if he Summer was ? upon her instead of me she would give him or? the greater part of her trade.

However, the upshot was that ? gave up the brewer for Xmas.

Evening - went and saw Mrs Bridden regarding S? charge and found all quite untrue.

To Cull's Office at 4:30 and met Mr and M? and got authority to distrain at Samuel ?, Ipstones Park.

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