Morning - Home.

Afternoon - To Newclose Fields on Beer Business - Mrs Whitehurst tells me her husband has written Bells regarding error in account.

Mr Martin opposite says he and Massey and ? all get their ale off Charringtons agent who drives a grocery cart from Fenton. Says it is the best ale he can get.

I took no orders.

1) Newclose Fields Farm is in the parish of Dilhorne.


  1. This is interesting, because my gr gr grandfather, Ephraim Docksey, was farmer at Newclose Fields in 1891. I just looked at the census image and there is a Mrs Whitehurst on the same page (although rather a vague entry). I think she is a widow in the census entry although it's a bit scrawly and I can't tell if it is 'W' for widow or 'M' for married. I can send it to you if you're interested. Liz

  2. I just looked at the 1881 census and a Joseph Whitehurst was at Newclose Fields farm then, so this is useful as it helps date when Ephraim and his family probably moved there.

    PS. If you would like a copy of the census image my email is liz @ without the spaces.