MONDAY 30th JULY 1888

Regarding Ford Hays Colliery

To Blyth Bridge per 9.15 coach. Met Mr Bloor, auctioneer, at Stoke Station and went with him to Keary(?) Marshalls, solicitor's offices Stoke. Bloor arranged to stop sale as he said solicitors said matters would be squared. Keary Marshalls wired Simpson, London. We waited til 2.30 about but no reply came to their telegram. So I came home. Bloor to write to me tonight.

Bloor quite understands that I hold him responsible for Rent 60 pounds and expenses and that same is first cheque to come out of estate.

1) The Telegram was a method for long-distance communication using cables and morse code. It was faster than sending a letter. This is the first time I have seen John mention sending a telegram but he sent letters frequently.

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