To Hanley to see the abridgements of Patent Office Specifications at the public free Library - regarding Boot protectors.

Could find nothing of later date than 1866 so I did no good altho I visited both Hanley and Burslem.

The ventilation of the Hanley free Reading Room is abominable - Foul reeking atmosphere. One of the most stinking and dusty places I have ever visited.

I think now that it would be best to let this matter of Boot protectors drop, as I have not the money to speculate and then so many other similar inventions have been brought out. Besides, it would cost me about 4 Guineas to have the necessary search made in the Government offices.

It will take all my money to introduce the safety pin.

If I have a little cash to spare, it would pay me better to write to Edison and get a phonograph from him and exhibit.

1) The library in Pall Mall, Hanley, was opened in 1887. It moved to its current location in 1970.
2) The phonograph was the name for the early record players, which were patented by Thomas Edison in 1878.

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