TUESDAY 29th MAY 1888

Endon Well dressing

Took Bert to Endon to see well dressing and May pole dance. Walked to Froghall Station and had lunch at Leek, then Endon by Rail.

Home via Stoke to Blyth Bridge by Rail alnd walked from Blythe Bridge to Cheadle. It came on to rain and we got almost wet thro. Home about 10.30pm.

Ascertained my weight at Stoke Station by an automatic penny slot machine to be 10 stone 4 pounds or 144 pounds. Bert is 10 stone 6 pounds or 146 pounds. Bert is 2 pounds heavier than me.

1) Well dressing is a tradition in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Endon well dressing still takes place
2) 144 pounds = 65kg. I don't know what height he was but at this weight, he must have been thin - not surprising with all that walking he did.

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