MONDAY 14th MAY 1888

To Birmingham via Stoke and Stafford. Went to try and get in a manufacturers to see how coil at end safety pin was formed. I went to Nicklin and Co. manufacturers but they would not allow me to see any work being done. I did not tell them it was the pin I was working on but a machine for making pins. The clerk told me it was no use going to other places as I should not be allowed to see them being made anywhere. This was late Rowley's firm, the original inventor of the safety pin.

So I left Birmingham and went to see aunt Brammer at Rugely. Had lunch with them and off to Stoke and Blythe Bridge and home by coach.

After tea I went to Rindle for rents.

1) In 1849, Charles Rowley patented the safety pin in Britain whilst Walter Hunt patented it in USA.
2) Aunt Brammer was John's mother's sister Elizabeth Yardley. Thanks to Dianne Shenton for the information

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