Preparing balance sheet regarding Ford Haye Colliery distraint(?) and settling with Mr Masefield regarding same. Writing out copy particulars of sale.

Evening - Paying various accounts in Cheadle:
2/2/4 - R. Alcock - Ironmongery
2/2/6 - L. Hordern - Bread
1/14/0 - S.S.(?) Almond - Coals
0/7/6 - R.H. James - Meat
2/19/0 - W(?) Salt - Printing
Total - 9 pounds 5 shillings and 4 pence.

Dad keeps very ill, poor old chap. He comes down stairs a bit. He says the pain (rheumatics) is all over him. He wanted me to put him in a vapour bath but the weather keeps so cold.

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