Morning - 7 o'clock to Dimmingsdale with Payne and Horse and trap to fetch Hugh Charlesworth. Found him in and brot him to Cull's office. We had a long time with Cull about the case to come off at Derby on Monday next.

To various places on Beer Business and called in to see dad. He looks very flushed in the face - don't like it - his cheeks are sunk and he has the appearance of exhaustion.

Afternoon - Office. Posting placards re. lecture to various places.

At 4pm, went with Tom Beardmore to Isaac Campbells, Sawyer, Raddlestich, to put in distraint for rent for George Wibberley viz 24 weeks due Feb. 20th 1888 at 1 shilling and 4 pence = 1 pound 12 shillings. As Isaac promised straight off to leave that amount at his dad's on Saturday next, I thought best not to distrain, so I simply said that the Landlord has put the collection of his rents in my hands both now and for the future. Then we returned to Cheadle.

Evening - In Reading Room met with Mr. Bourne. He tells me that he has an amateur workshop, lathe, fret saw etc and also does photography. He has purchased photog(?) for 4 years and says he can teach it in 6 lessons. Mr Bourne said he could do a good deal towards securing a good audience for my lecture in Newcastle.

1) Distraint

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