Preparing things for lecture.

Evening - To Tean schools with Ursula, Mona, Bert, Will Hodgkiss, J. Lowndes, self and Payne - (number unreadable) of us.

But the school children spoilt it for everybody - there were about (number unreadable - it is 2 digits ending in 0) children and the noise they made was dreadful.

I will never have school children again along with the public. Their pennies amount to next to nothing and they are a nuisance - Experience.

There were very few grown-up people. In fact, altho there were nearly 100 children and people with them, the takings only amounted to about (word unreadable) what they did at Kingsley.

Altho I made myself hoarse with shouting the people could not hear me speak and consequently at the end of the lecture there was no clapping as at Kingsley.

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